Bufonidae Bufo bufo Bufo mauritanicus
Bufo calamita (Laurenti, 1768)
Natterjack Toad, Natterjack, Natter Jack

= Epidalea calamita Laurenti, 1768

B. calamita (© Jens Christian Schou)

Adult, Lendrup-Løgstør, Denmark, July 2001
(Photo by Jens Christian Schou, Denmark, Fra min skitseblok)

B. calamita (© Lars Bergendorf)

Adult, Extremadura, Spain, May 2003
(Photo by Lars Bergendorf, club100.net)

B. calamita (© Lars Bergendorf)

Adult (male), Skåne, Sweden, May 2002
(Photo by Lars Bergendorf, club100.net)

B. calamita (© Rémi Fonters)

Adult, Mazarron, Murcia, Spain, April 21, 2004
(Photo by Rémi Fonters, Coronella - Herpétofaune de France et d'ailleurs)

B. calamita (© Paolo Mazzei)

Young, Verbois (Annecy), France, May 1980
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)

Western and northern Europe as far east as western Russia and including parts of England and Ireland

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